We offer the following treatments in our surgery:

How do I remain on the status quo of medical science?

For 30 years I am a member of the academy for advanced training for veterinaries (Akademie für tierärztliche Fortbildung, ATF). Various visits to these advanced training events, also international, qualify me to treat animals always according to the status quo of medical science.

Which kind of animals do we treat?

We treat all small animals but also some exotic animals. If you are undecided whether we can treat your pet, please give us a call - we would be very happy to advise you or, if needed, make contact with a specialist.


The attainments in our surgery are accounted according to the scale of fees for veterinaries (Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte - GOT) - tariffs for vets.

It is not possible to make a lump-sum price, because every treatment may differ in complexity.